High Quality Rolling Rolls for Mills

High Quality Rolling Rolls for Mills
High Quality Rolling Rolls for Mills
Product Description

ANSSEN Metallurgy Group is one of leading manufacturers of ROLL for CCM in China.ANSSEN is equipped with advanced equipments ,mastering excellent technology, strict quality control ,perfect management system, stable quality and strict environmental protecting measures,

Qualified Chemical composition, Shore Hardness, Mechanical property, Good Usage of Min Barrel Diameter

Rolls play a key roles in the rolling mill, our rolls widely export to UAE, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Greece our hardness, strength, chemical composition are strictly controled, so the working life is enjoyed good reputaions.

ANSSEN Rolls Category:

1. Alloy chilled &Indefinite Chilled cast iron rolls

2. Alloy Nodular Cast Iron Rolls

3. Graphite Steel Rolls

4. Adamite Rolls

5. High speed steel roll
Material for cold forged roller :
 intermediate roller : 9Cr2Mo, Cr2,Cr3,Cr5
Backup roller: Cr2,Cr3, Cr5, 60CrMo, 60CrMnMo

Specifications for roller :
Work roll, intermediate roll
diameter max. 610 mm
length max.6000 mm
gross weight max.10T
net weight max.6T
max. diameter  800mm
max. length 6000mm
Back-up roll:
diameter max. 1100mm
length max.7000mm
gross weight max.25T

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