Graphite Rotor

Graphite Rotor
Graphite Rotor
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Product features:

1. The graphite rotary nozzle ismade of high-purity and high-density graphite. In addition to dispersingbubbles, the centrifugal force generated by stirring the aluminum alloy melt isalso used to make the melt enter the nozzle and mix with the horizontal gasevenly to form gas/liquid flow. The contact area and contact time between thebubble and the aluminum alloy liquid are increased, and the degassingpurification effect is improved.

2.The speed of graphite rotor canbe adjusted steplessly by frequency converter, and the maximum speed can reach700R/min. The specification of graphite rotor is Î 70mm250mm, and thespecification of impeller is Î 85mm350mm.The high-purity anti-oxidationgraphite rotor has the characteristics of high strength, high temperatureresistance and aluminum flow corrosion resistance. In the process ofpurification and degassing, nitrogen is put into the surface of aluminum alloyliquid in the box for protection, so that the part of graphite rotor exposed toaluminum alloy liquid is in inert gas, so as to prevent high temperatureoxidation of the rotor and prolong the service life of the rotor.

3. The shape of impeller isstreamline, which can reduce the resistance of rotation, and the friction forcebetween impeller and aluminum alloy liquid is relatively small. Therefore, thedegassing rate is more than 50%, the smelting time is shortened and theproduction cost is reduced.

4. The surface is treated withspecial anti-oxidation, and its service life is about 5 times that of ordinaryproducts. It is widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry.

5. In the aluminum plate, aluminumfoil casting, aluminum alloy wheel and other aluminum processing industry, theservice cycle is up to 2 months.

Economic aspect:

For aluminum alloy foundry andaluminum products factory, it is very important to reduce the treatment cost.In this aspect, the graphite rotor produced by our company can bring thefollowing benefits:

1.Reduce processing costs

2.Reduce the consumption of inertgas

3.Reducing aluminum content in slag

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